Monday, October 19, 2015

What put a smile on your face?

Recently, I have installed back Instagram on my phone and to be honest, I am not a fan of Instagram as I feel that it is just another extra apps that is gobbling up more RAM and space on my phone.

Well, yet again, I give it another chance and installed it back to my phone. I started to explore the apps again and still it is quite redundant as the photos on the apps are just another copy from what I see on facebook. But there are some other photos and people for me to follow in instagram that is making this apps seems more appealing to me now.

I started following a lot of photographers and photography related Insta. Other than that, I found a lot of photos showing people around the world doing things they liked so much with big smile on their face.

All these are somewhat inspiring. It is not to say that I don't like what I am doing now but it is good to realize that people doing what they liked so much. When I come to realize that life is so short that we should not be doing something we don't like for the whole life, all these photos are actually very inspiring.

The questions that comes to my head when I saw all these photos "what put a big smile on your face?". If everyday we wake up with a big smile on our face knowing that we are going to achieve something big (in the sense of self-fulfilling "big"), life will be a lot more fulfilling and happy.

Hmm... what put a big smile on my face? Something to think about for now. Well, I am now no more emo-ing(yesterday is somewhat emo), I think I should be focusing on my work ( full time job and my part time website (self-fulfilling job)) and also focus on my relationship (^.^). Thank God I met her. (^.^).

Monday, August 17, 2015

Messed up.

It is so bad triggering a series of bad and stressful conversation. It is really a bad thing to be.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

珍惜 - Treasure

My friend gave me a piece of advice which I think it is one of the most wonderful advice I got. He said "cherish and treasure the person you met and love, for it is not easy to met one and don't let go of the person if you really love him/her".

Those words simply summarize everything about "珍惜". It is really not easy to meet one you love so much. It is easy to meet people, we literally meet more than a million people along the way but it is hard to meet the one who will stand still and stay with you. Maybe I should say "you are one in a million". The chance to meet such a wonderful person is way harder than hitting a 6D jackpot. Imagine that.

It is like the black and white frames of film, it keeps on rolling and rolling. If you imagine one person in the film is standing still and everyone else keeps on moving. No one ever notice his existence until another person starts appearing in the film and moving towards the person standing still. His existence started to have colors, everything else is black and white but then his and hers world is now colorful.

Is this the meaning of life? The meaning of existence?


Monday, August 10, 2015

Kuching Festival 2015

2015. Well, this year Kuching festival is like a place where stalls are competing to show off their ice cream. There are more than 10 ice cream stalls and each of them are selling different taste/designs. Well, I only managed to eat coconut ice cream (and having stomachache after eating it. Lol) Recalling back, it was such an experience that you would not want to try (sudden pain and the pain fade away and keep on repeating) and you have to hold it with proper mind power control for maybe 2 hours. LOL. There are toilets in Kuching Fest but I just don't want to use it.

It is a wonderful night out with the lovely girl and her friends (stress? Maybe a bit) Haha. I would say it is quite romantic as it was raining whole night there, sharing an umbrella together. Is it too dramatic? Lol. Don't forget the fun fair, damn I want to hit those can down.

2nd visit
We went to Kuching Fest again and this round is a non rainy day. Not raining and it is not so romantic. Lolz. It didn't took long time and we were quite lucky to get a parking space. Tried a few food recommended by local radio channel. Some of them are good while some of them just so so. Not much we could eat because our stomach is quite full. Ice cream, fish balls, pizza, fried sushi... no more? Eat so less. Then, come to the fun fair again, she went for her favorite duck hunting games and I went for my "smash it all down" game. Failed again but she is so excited about it. Don't know why. Haha.

The most fulfilled things of the night: books
I didn't know she really loved books so much. Same like me, I got attracted to books whenever there are book fair or books around. Well, I purchased 3 books and she purchased 2 of her favorite. The books are so low priced. I wish I could purchase 2 more.

Somehow I feel her laughing point is lol. Anyway, good that she laugh a lot. I hope she is Looking forward to meet up again.


Communication seems right but somehow seems not right. What now?

I think maybe I should don't care? But the thing is I really care. Can't do the "don't care thing" anyway...

So, next thing maybe we should try to move forward is really voicing out instead of keeping to ourselves and expecting the other side will know.

Ok, I guess that is the way. Let's do it.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Weird day...

I don't know how to explain the day I had today. Is it because I do not have enough sleep? Whole day is like blur, confuse, say wrong thing, convey wrong message, being a weirdo, being silly, not focus, sleepy, tired and etc. What is going on? My brain is still in sleep mode and not yet wake up?

WhatsApp message send out and it becomes such a weird message. Trying to explain and it makes it more worst. What is going on?

It is such a weird day: car broken down, my pants is wet due to water splash in toilet, my brain feel like still sleeping, my work is so slow, I am having headache in early morning, chat with people giving a weird impression........

It is such a silly day...

Monday, August 03, 2015

Slowly getting used to it...

Luckily, I have some great and funny colleagues around. New job has become more ok for me. But every week I will still meet up with my old colleagues and they are still as nice as ever.

New job. Hmmm.. It is n longer new and I have been here for almost 1 year. It is very fast. Last year September and now after 1 year, finally confirmation is coming. I still remember the starting is so emotional and down. Maybe because I missed my technicians and my machines in the factory so much. But now, knowing that my technicians have got a better job in Singapore and another technician still stay with the company taking care of everything, everyone moves on.

So now... this company. Give and take, nothing is perfect. But slowly I am on track. And more and more laughter comes into the office after knowing the colleagues well. So far so good. Touch wood.

It is just a job, don't stress over it. Slowly do it and follow through properly. Stay positive! Yes!